Traditional media buying services...


    The world of video has been changing at an unprecedented rate, resulting in incredible opportunities for savvy marketers. web, tablets, and smartphones. We plan multiple screen buys that include the best of traditional TV advertising (broadcast, cable etc.) with blends of emerging digital video formats. The goal is not only to improve audience targeting and reduce costs, but to leverage the rising trend of concurrent media usage – where audiences watch big-screen TVs and play with mobile devices in their hands at the same time.

    TV Planning & Buying Services Include:

    • Audience segmentation

    • Audience media usage analysis

    • Broadcast television

    • Cable & Satellite television

    • Direct-response television

    • Online video networks and portals (YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, etc.)

    • Mobile video

    • Video Tagging

    • Performance measurement and reporting

  • Radio

    Radio is still huge. People listen to radio everywhere, whether it be in the car, work, gym, and more! So radio remains a viable option for many marketers– the key to radio today is the buyers ability to use latest data on ratings,to maximize every dollar spent. After all…ROI is the most critical factor! We add creativity and innovation to your media mix, by getting maximum value-add and program integration.

    Radio planning & buying services include:

    • Local / Regional radio

    • Sirius XM satellite radio

    • Pandora (and Internet streaming services)

    • Performance evaluation & reporting